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This was the third rebranding project that Chloe and I did together, and it’s definitely my favourite so far. 

Chloe wanted to rename and rebrand the existing Mount Pleasant Holidays business that she purchased. The goal was a friendly, contemporary look with muted colours and nature incorporated. The fern invokes the wild moorland, and soft pinks with a script speaks to intimate weddings and romantic getaways.

Due to some business direction changes in 2020, Chloe had me adjust the new logo to include the original business name with a new leaf and colour. You can see both versions below. 

Original Brand for Reference
I have been working with Colleen since 2017 and she has helped me with rebranding 3 of my businesses, most recently in 2020 with the brand refresh of Mount Pleasant Holidays Limited.

Mount Pleasant Holidays was an existing business when we purchased it and we inherited the logo as a result. It was tired and outdated and very quickly no longer represented our brand or the message that we wanted to send to our clients.

After listening to our requirements Colleen delivered a beautifully modern logo which met all of our needs perfectly, its almost like she was reading my mind as I got exactly what I was looking for.

The entire process was great fun, and felt effortless every step of the way. Colleen did all of the hard work and was really precise with deadlines which she met at every stage.

In short I would not hesitate to recommend Colleen and hope to work with her again in the future.
Chloe Carey
Owner, Mount Pleasant Holidays

Second version due to 2020 business direction changes