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Client Victory List 2020

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So…2020 didn’t QUITE go as anyone planned, did it? So many of us had to stop what we were doing, let go of our plans and projects, and focus on just getting by. I know I personally felt panicky, uncertain and lost at various times this past year and I know I’m not alone.

That being said, there was also some surprises that came out of this year. We saw people get really creative with new ways to live, flourish and help others. We saw a whole planet come together for support and so many new (online) connections were created. We grew closer to those we lived with and slowed down to really appreciate the little things, like being able to go out to a restaurant again and buy toilet paper any day we wanted 😉

There were also some people that totally ROCKED this year. Not to say it wasn’t hard, but they still managed to thrive despite (or perhaps because of) the hard times. So I’d like to share a few of my clients that really got the work done this year and accomplished amazing things during 2020!

Here’s how a few of my clients kicked ass in 2020: 


Unless my role is mentioned, I had nothing to do with the client victory. My aim was to celebrate and promote my clients in everything and anything they do, not to plug myself. Any of my past and current clients are invited to share their victories with me at any time, whether I helped or not. I’d love to share you all more often, so please don’t hesitate to email me if you’ve met a goal or crossed a finish line! I’ll do these lists once a year and will compile the contents all year long.

I was inspired to write this list after Alexandra Franzen sent her Client Victory List out in November 2018.

Ok that’s said. NOW here we go.

Alicia Boswell published her book, Two Butterflies in a Field!

The extra time that Covid-19 brought gave her the chance to finally get her book finished, designed and printed!

“When the global lockdown hit and we were considering closing everything down for two weeks my first thought was … it’s time to finish my book!! What was a box of papers and ideas that I toted around for years somehow turned into an actual completed book!! It took far longer than two weeks and I couldn’t have done it without the help and design work of Colleen.”

She self-published with Blurb and it’s also available on Amazon.

I co-designed Alicia’s book with her, including cover and interior layout.

Cristina launched her new brand and website offering virtual Yoga classes!

“No question, 2020 will go down in the record books as a tough year full of challenges and upheaval. Once the realization sunk in that it would be a long time before I would return to teaching yoga and Qi-Gong classes in a studio setting, I resolved to continue my passion and connect with my students using an on-line “virtual studio”.

Daunted by the task of designing a complete platform for my new business model, I reached out to Colleen to see about creating a new website that would integrate all the necessary components; quick access to schedules, booking and registering for automated Zoom links, payment options, etc. Working with her was a real pleasure and two months later I was up and running, not bad for a budding solopreneur! I’m now almost 4 months into it and am thrilled with how well it’s been working. I have students joining from different parts of Canada and the US, which is a great benefit now that I am living in the small town of Nelson, B.C.

I still have much to learn about running my own business, but I’m excited to keep growing and learning new things. Lao Tzu, the great 6th C BCE Taoist master, stated, “truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation”.  Stepping out of my comfort zone to start my own business has been a huge practice of self-overcoming and personal transformation. I’m really proud of my virtual studio,, and invite you to join me in the practices of Yoga and Qi-Gong for a more healthy, happy and vital life.”

~ Cristina Sanchez

I designed Cristina’s brand and website. 

Michelle learned how to teach online and took up painting!

Being very humble, Michelle didn’t feel that she qualified for this victory list, as she said “my main victory has just been staying afloat!!”. First of all, that’s hard enough in a year like 2020, but she also accomplished an amazing amount as a musician (many of whom lost 80-90% of their income this year due to being unable to perform) and a music teacher!

In a short time this year, she taught herself:

  • How to teach her music students online (with web camera, mic and everything)
  • How to record, edit and publish videos so people can listen to her music virtually
  • How to Livestream so she could host a Virtual Christmas Caroling project on Youtube for December
  • How to perform outdoors in less-than-ideal weather and location situations so that she could still perform in person for seniors – she even had to roll her piano along on a dolly!
  • How to paint, which went so well she turned her landscapes into prints and launched a website to show and sell them

Learn more about Michelle’s music offerings here and see her beautiful paintings here!

I designed Michelle’s new “Art by Michelle” brand logo for her website. 

Anfernee launched a new service AND a new website!

Victory 1: Simple Creative Marketing launched it’s new done-for-you Case Study Writing Service

Victory 2: Redesigned and relaunched Website

Anf has been creating amazing content and teaching all he knows for as long as I’ve known him, plus he always knows EXACTLY the right person to connect you with. He’s an online marketing guru, copywriter extraordinaire and expert trainer of solopreneurs – if you ever have business questions, marketing needs or need a copywriter, he’s your man.

Find Anf on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram here, plus check out his podcast here!

I redesigned Anfernee’s website.

Aren’t you crazy inspired now?!

I hope this list inspires you to write your own Victory List of 2020!  What did you accomplish, despite the dumpster fire of a year that it was? What are you proud of? What were the unexpected wins and what did you work your butt off for? Your victories can be professional, personal, big, small, silly, it doesn’t matter. Put on pants this morning? VICTORY!!!! You accomplished and crushed and won all over the place this past year!

Write the list for yourself and take pride in all that you are. Inspire yourself for 2021 with your WELL-EARNED victories of 2020. There were so many of my clients that I watched CRUSH their goals this year that didn’t respond to be on this list, but I saw them do it. I witnessed their victories and I’m sure you’ve witnessed other people have victories during this hard year as well. Let them know, so they feel important, accomplished and seen. Be kind to others and this world will do alright.

That’s it for now. If you do write your list, I’d love it if you’d share it with me! We should all share more of each other, because even the small wins are cause to celebrate <3

Best wishes for 2021! It seriously can’t get here soon enough, right??