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Client Victory List 2018

Welcome to my first Client Victory List!

I have some pretty amazing clients (just saying). They work hard. They take risks. They have challenges and failures, just like everyone does. But no matter what comes their way, they keep going, they keep working, they keep pushing that needle forward. It’s this consistency and drive that brings them success, time and again.

I’m so proud of them for all that they accomplish (with or without my help), so I felt that it was time to shine a light on them. I asked my clients if they’d like to share a client victory from 2018 with my readers, and despite it being the craziest time of year (near Christmas – not my best timing), quite a few responded with their accomplishments!

Ready to see how my clients kicked ass this past year?  

I know you are. Here we go.

Oh wait. Forgot the disclaimers:

Unless my role is mentioned, I had nothing to do with the client victory. My aim was to celebrate and promote my clients in everything and anything they do, not to plug myself. Any of my past and current clients are invited to share their victories with me at any time, whether I helped or not. I’d love to share you all more often, so please don’t hesitate to email me if you’ve met a goal or crossed a finish line! I’ll do these lists once a year and will compile the contents all year long.

I was inspired to write this list after Alexandra Franzen sent her Client Victory List out in November.

Ok that’s said. NOW here we go.

Scoot Boot team winning Tasmania Business Award

Scoot Boots won awards all over the place!

This amazing team works so hard all year long on their innovative products and they were given some very well-deserved awards this year:

Read more about their success here and here, their website is here and see them on Instagram here!

I produce marketing, advertising, web and print materials for Scoot Boots.

Clarissa Hughes book The Mindful Menopause book cover mockup, Colleen Keith Design Client Victory Post 2018

Clarissa Hughes published her first book!

Clarissa Hughes of The Little Breathing Space self-published and launched her first book, “The Mindful Menopause: The Secret to Balance, Vitality, and Clarity Through The Change”, available on Amazon!

The photo on the right is Clarissa herself on launch day! She’s just glowing, isn’t she? So proud of her and all that she’s accomplished with her business in such a short time. It’s a big endeavour to self-publish, and I’m continually amazed at how she makes goals, steadily works towards them and hits them like it’s a piece of cake!

Check her out on Instagram and grab her book on Amazon here!

I designed the book cover for The Mindful Menopause, and have helped Clarissa with other online and branding projects. 

ben mcadam victory, people in strategy session, colleen keith design client victory list 2018

Ben McAdam changed a client’s life!

“A few weeks ago, I had an initial strategy session with a new client, and within 30 minutes had found two changes that would give them an extra $100k in annual profit and allow them to finally, after 7 years in business, pay themselves a good salary.”

From the client: 

“With Ben’s guidance we went from the red to the black in 2017. We ended the year with $100k profit! He was able to hone in our product costing and get a clear understanding of what our most profitable products are and which to focus on to drive the biggest bottom line growth.” ~ Jeremy & Sadie Roberts, Tradlands

Now THERE’S a victory for Ben as well as his client! Working hard to be an expert at what he does enabled him to help his client find that extra profit, which literally changed their business and lifestyle. In 30 min. Speed excellence right there.

mikkoa yoga wear, yoga mat in yoga studio, girl in yoga apparel, colleen keith design, client victory list 2018

Mikkoa Yogawear launched their product line!

Sahar and Viv launched two businesses this year – Mikkoa Yogawear and Eco Shop Co. Their goal is to create products that have less impact on the earth and better quality for customers. A bit about their story below…

Sahar went through a a period of depression earlier in 2018. She began meditating each day to find a solution that would make her healthy and happy again. She realized she loved nature and that she wanted to help the planet become a better place to live. It gave her a higher purpose and with this intention, she began to recover. She and her partner Viv put their heads together and from Sahar’s love of yoga, came up with Mikkoa, which sells yoga pants and bras made of P.E.T recycled materials and non-slip yoga mats made of natural tree rubber. Their beautiful print designs are reminiscent of the streets of India and ancient Persia.

Every business has their challenges, of course. They had a lot of trouble finding the right suppliers for their products, but eventually found ones that met their standards and would help them stand out from the other yoga brands.

The yoga pants are on sale in 2019, and the yoga mats are available now! Their other business “Eco Shop Co” provides products everyone uses, made of recycled and environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo.

See their gorgeous products on Facebook and Instagram!

I helped Mikkoa with their logo redesign. 

Founders Connect podcast image, Anf and Cindy sitting together with laptop, colleen keith design client victory list 2018

Founders Connect launched their podcast!

“My wife Cindy and I took the first step on our mission to become the leading community and training platform for global entrepreneur couples who are changing the world. In September 2018, we launched our new Founders Connect podcast on itunes, Stitcher, and Spotify!”

Anf has been creating amazing content and connecting people for as long as I’ve known him. He also knows basically EVERYTHING about online marketing and being a solo-preneur. This new podcast enables him and his wife to share their knowledge to a bigger audience and I know it’s going to change the game for a lot of small business owners!

Find them on Facebook, iTunes and Instagram here!

I helped with the brand and created the podcast artwork for Founders Connect.

Aren’t you crazy inspired now?!

I hope this list inspires you to write your own Victory List of 2018!  What did you accomplish? What are you proud of? What were the unexpected wins and what did you work your butt off for? Your victories may be professional, personal, big, small, silly, it doesn’t matter. You accomplished and crushed and won all over the place this past year!

Write the list for yourself and take pride in all that you are. Inspire yourself for 2019 with your victories of 2018 🙂

That’s it for now. If you do write your list, I’d love it if you’d share it with me! We should all share more of each other, because even the small wins are cause to celebrate <3

Best wishes for 2019!