Sydney & Sun

G’Day Mates!

As is posted on my home page, I am currently “down under”, living on Bondi Beach (see above) in Sydney, Australia! I am here on a working holiday visa and am looking for graphic design work in either a contract/freelance/part time capacity ideally, but am also open for full time for the perfect type of job 🙂 I’ve been here nearly a month and am living every second! While homesickness is inevitable and questions regarding how insane I was to leave a great design job, two fitness jobs, my adorable apartment and cat, and my loving family and boyfriend…I know that this experience will change my life and that everyone should do this kind of traveling if they have the means and will to do it (which I definitely do)!

All that being said, I’m having a great time and while on this temporary break from full time work, I’m getting more career work done that I have since I graduated from the IDEA program. This website is fully updated with my recent design work (check it all out here) and I’m currently adding to my Illustration page as I can (check what I’ve added so far here). I’m also now an associate member of the AGDA, have a profile on The Loop, and have updated my LinkedIn. So excited for the future and all the opportunities to come, whether they be art, design, fitness, yoga or travel!

Some pictures to give you a visual:

My new yoga studio, Ashtanga Yoga at Bondi
ashtanga bondi

I have some lovely roommates from the UK who are showing me the ropes of Bondi living…

Feeding Kangaroos is a common pastime…

Oh and here’s my bright and sunny home office where I do my freelance work…

Anyways, that’s a quick update for ya! I’m determined to keep this blog up a bit more than I have in the past (meaning posting less than 5x a year haha), so keep checking back and see what I’m up to and where this Canadian designer lands working down under!

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