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    It's my job to help you reach your goals with quality design solutions, whether they be branding, graphic, social, illustration or Wordpress focused. Please take a look at my packages and process below, and connect with me if you'd like to chat about working together.

My Services fall into one of 3 categories

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Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration

Custom illustration for all your creative product, print and branding needs. Personal commissions available.

Branding + Graphic Design

Branding + Graphic Design

Complete Solutions for all your Logo, Branding and Graphic Design needs for online and print

Wordpress Stylist

Wordpress Stylist

Affordable Solutions for your Wordpress website needs, whether you're needing an update or a brand new site.

Need everything?

Combo packages are also available

how we work together

Project-based Clients


1. Meet + Brief

I need to get to know you and your project objectives before we start. Through the briefing process, we’ll cover the purpose, market, media, specs, timeline and goal of your project. I’ll review all the details, then have you fill in any holes.

Download Briefing Sheets here

2. Scope + Quote

After the brief is finalized, I’ll confirm the scope of the project with you. From that, I’ll tender my quote (a deposit fee may be required). Once the quote is approved and deposit is paid, you’ll provide me with any reference I need to start (ie. photos, copy, etc)

3. Concepts

Once all reference has been received, we’ll begin the concept stage. I’ll share my work in progress with you at appropriate intervals, and invite you to provide feedback on direction and design. 


4. Development + Revisions

We’ll then develop the best concepts further. I’ll refine the designs with your feedback and deliver a tighter set of designs for review. You’ll then choose the final design. The revision stage is about making small tweaks, testing and taking the final steps towards the finished product.

5. Production

Once the project is finalized and approved, we enter Production mode. I will produce the required deliverables in their final formats, and deliver them to you via an online method of choice. If there are other suppliers  (ie. printers) involved, they will need to review my work at this time.

6. Review + Maintain

Once you review and approve the final product, I’ll tender my final invoice. At this time, we’ll also discuss general feedback, future projects and any required maintenance of the completed project.

If you’re an ongoing (billed hourly) client, you’ll be billed for your projects at the end of each month.



How I bill

One of two ways

Hourly Rate-Based

Do you need to have a designer-on-call to handle projects of all sizes? Then we can set you up as an ongoing client that I’ll invoice at the end of every month. I’ll track the work I do for you and charge you based on the hourly rate we agree on.


Do you want to work project-to-project? Then we’ll agree on a quote for each project based on your brief and scope. I’ll charge you a deposit at the beginning of each project, with the final amount at the end. Note that the deposit may be waived or adjusted in special circumstances.

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