As a Graphic Designer,
I’m here to help you with your needs.

There isn’t much I can’t design for you;
I’ve listed the major players for you below to help you identify your needs:

Brochure Advertising

Advertising for Print and Web
Flyers, posters, banners, ads, brochures

Large Scale Signage

Large Scale Print Design
Gazebos, large posters, signage, vehicles


Logos, Style Guidelines & Reformatting

Product Design

Product Design
Template artwork for clothing, mugs, accessories, etc.

Social Media

Social Media
Account stylizing and campaign visuals for any media

Email Direct Marketing

Email Direct Marketing
EDM templates, email
signatures & landing pages

Other Services I Offer

Digital Illustration


While classically trained in painting, drawing and many other forms of fine art, I have definitive styles that I’m most efficient and successful with.

Please review my portfolio of digital illustration here, and let me know if anything catches your eye. I have also posted some of my painting work on my blog.

While it’s not what I do regularly,
I can pick up my brushes again just for you.

Web Design

Web Design

This can mean many things,
so I’ll outline what I’m able to help you with:

  • Help styling your WordPress site
  • Graphics created and sized for your theme
  • Adjustments to your existing HTML or CSS
  • Random questions like what a favicon is

Any of the above and I’m all over it.
And if I can’t do it, I definitely know someone who can!

Photo Editing

Photo Editing

I can help you edit your photos for:

  • Colour correction
  • Creating brand filters
  • Resizing and formatting for print or web
  • Other tasks like removing a tree or blending several images together.

No matter what, I can Photoshop my way through whatever you’re after! AND I’ll take out the white background for you to boot!

Desktop Publishing

Design for Publishing

Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign are the applications I work within for publishing projects.
If you need:

  • Your Microsoft Office document(s) formatted
  • A Manual, Ebook or Presentation laid out
  • Something made ready to print or publish online
  • A letterhead, form or editable PDF

Don’t see your application above?
Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


How We Start

Whether you’ve worked with designers before, or this is your first rodeo of contracting a freelancer,
I want you to know how I work with my clients (and hopefully with you):

Project Brief:

Not sure what you need or how to articulate what you want? I’ve made a Write-Your-Own-Brief-Form to get you started. It’s my job to extract all the info and vision out of you so that I can make it real, so let’s get started here.

Know exactly what you need? Awesome! Please send along your own brief and specs, and we can get started. I’ll let you know if there’s anything missing before I get started.


I want you to be as involved in the project as you want to be, and to communicate with me however you’re most comfortable. Skype, Facetime, Phone, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Project Management software…whatever media is easiest for you, we’ll use it to chat about your project(s). Hourly, daily, weekly…however much you’d like to be kept in the loop and included in creating your project(s) is fine with me!


How I Work for You

My Design Process

While not every client cares about how I work, some are quite curious.
If you’re one of the latter, read on…


1. Meet & Review

I want to get to know you and your project objectives before we start. Through the brief, we’ll cover the purpose, target market, intended media, specs, timeline and end goal. I’ll review all the details and reference, and have you fill in any holes we missed. 

2. Create

Here is where I start on concepts. Some clients like to work with me and see every step of my process, involving research, sketching, typography tests, etc. Others just want to see the final recommended concepts to review. Whatever works for you works for me! 

3. Develop

Having seen my concepts, clients often have some additional inspiration to offer. We’ll discuss some tighter concepts, and I then refine them further. What I deliver fewer concepts in this stage, but the options are closer to the finished product.

4. Revise

There will always be some adjustments here and there, last minute changes, and possibly some new considerations. This stage is about small changes, testing, discussion, and taking the final steps towards the finished product.

5. Produce

Once the project and all components are approved, I enter Production mode. I make up the required deliverables in whatever format is needed, and deliver them to my clients via Dropbox (or another online method of their choice).

6. Review & Maintain

Once the final product is reviewed and approved by my client, I tender my final invoice. At this time, we often discuss new projects or maintenance of this project like additions or future text and image updates.


How I Bill

The method in which I bill for my services depends on your preference.
There’s two options to consider:



From your brief, I provide an estimate of the time to complete your project(s), and keep you updated as I work. You’ll have a ballpark of what the project(s) will cost, but are involved and have control over the hours I work. The more you can provide up front, the faster I can work and the more money you’ll save. 

Many clients like this method, especially for ongoing work. After 5 years of freelancing, I’m very good at estimating my hours.


Want to know exactly how much your project(s) will cost, no surprises at the end? We can do that too. Send me a detailed brief, I’ll clarify anything I need to know and then send you a set quote for the work. You’ll be billed exactly that, no changes, additions or weird taxes, when your project is finished.

Any Questions?

Ask Me Here