Project is a GO! Brand + Collateral

Branding / Graphic Design

Project is a GO! (piaGO for short) own, develop and support two software platforms for use in the Contractor Management and Project Onboarding space. They are located in Brisbane, QLD.


The team needed a full brand created for their business, as well as business cards, an interim landing page (no longer in use) and Facebook ads to advertise their new software. The orange and blue colours were already decided, so a full exploration of the logo icon, type treatments and various colour tone variations was completed. Emphasis was placed on the logo icon, as it had to represent the mining/construction industry, the word GO! (action or movement), and cloud-based software. The solution was a mix of a cloud-ish construction hat on a round head, with an upward arrow indicating movement as well as facial structure. Together with strong typography, the whole logo is a playful and professional representation of the innovative software.


Check out the website here or follow Project is a GO! on Facebook here!


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