MysoreBC & Yoga Stops Traffick

Branding / Giving Back / Graphic Design

Mysore BC is an Ashtanga Yoga School in East Vancouver. Mysore BC’s instructor, Geoff McKenzie, organized and actioned a nation-wide fundraising effort for Yoga Stops Traffick, an organization in India that fights against human trafficking. They provide vital support for the women and children at the Odanadi Seva Trust rehabilitation centres in Mysore, India. Geoff rode across Canada in 2018, leading by-donation yoga classes in yoga studios across the nation, to raise $14,000 for the organization.


I worked with Geoff on this project from March through June 2018. The promotional campaign required a mixture of print and online advertising pieces. Deliverables included a brand that featured all three organizations (MysoreBC + YST + Odanadi), a promotional postcard and sticker, posters for each venue and pledge forms. Social media templates for online marketing were also created in Canva for Geoff to edit and post as needed.


This project represents one of my Giving Back organizations for 2018. I donated 100% of the design campaign work to the fundraising effort.