Fierce Forward

Branding / Graphic Design / Wordpress

Fierce Forward is a mantra, movement and brand devoted to empowering people to live their fiercest life and be their fiercest self. The founder, Ashley Johns, hosts retreats, creates motivational content, runs online programs and sells empowerment “Armour” jewellery on Shopify to aid her followers in their journey to live with intention.

Having worked with this client since 2012, there’s a vast range of fun projects and Armour collections that I’ve helped with. Each year we brand 1-3 new Armour collections, and I redesigned her WordPress website in 2016 to be more clean and simple to help her visuals stand out. Throughout the year, there’s also various social media banners and posts needed, as well as large scale banner or poster printing for her Wanderlust and other festival booths.