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Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Teacher. Therapist. Author.
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Dr. Alexandra Solomon wanted a big redesign – new brand, new website, social images, email signature, and more. Together with her PR team, we created a beautifully cohesive brand and online presence, focusing on elegance, approachability and expertise. 

Alexandra offers quite a few things, including books, online courses, articles, media and speaking, and most recently a podcast! It was important for her website to speak to all her different audiences, so we focused on UX and navigation that would point visitors in the right direction, based on what they wanted (ie. Learn from Alexandra, Train with Alexandra or Book Alexandra). 

I continue to work with Alexandra and her team to keep her brand on point, her website updated and everything else running smoothly!

Initially, I hired Colleen Keith Designs to help me update my website. Because I was so impressed by Colleen's organization and professionalism, I proceeded to hire her to create an entire branding package for my business and to provide ongoing website support. Colleen has become an indispensable member of my team, ensuring that all facets of my business interface seamlessly. Colleen is both creative and technically-savvy, easy to work with, and incredibly reliable. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Alexandra H. Solomon, PhD.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist;
Professor, Northwestern University;
Author, Loving Bravely and Taking Sexy Back;
Host, Reimagining Love Podcast

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