Cranes & Queens

A collaborative Digital Illustration project over a year in the making.

Cranes & Queens Digital Illustration

It started in November 2015 with the photoshoot at NAT Photography (just before I moved from Australia to Germany). I didn’t start concepts until March 2016 and didn’t finish all 5 pieces until December 2016. Life, work and travel continued to get in the way (plus my personal self-doubt and procrastination, as the majority of the work landed on my shoulders and I didn’t want to let the team down). In the end, the 5-piece set is beautiful, dynamic, dark and intricate, as we’d envisioned it to be. I would like to thank the wonderful, supportive and eternally patient ladies below for lending their talents and time to the shoot and months (+) of feedback! This wouldn’t have been possible without you!


Anya Hurwood – Fashion Designer & Stylist – InstagramFacebook

Natalie Kletkina – Model – InstagramFacebook

Nancy Trieu – Photographer & Coordinator – InstagramFacebook


I’ll take you through a short process of creating each piece,
starting with the original moodboard below:

Cranes & Queens Moodboard

While there’s an obvious colour palette, they have dominant colours depending on their location in the set. The end pieces (No. 1 and 5) are orange, the next ones in (No. 2 & 4) are pink with purple, and the middle piece (No. 3, the Queen) is red and purple. All 5 pieces fit together to make the large horizontal display (as above), with the background cranes matching up at the edges to tie them all together.

Process of Cranes & Queens No. 1 (Original photo to sketch to first concept)

Final Illustration

Process of Cranes & Queens No. 2

Cranes & Queens Process No. 2

Final Illustration

Cranes & Queens No. 2

Process of Cranes & Queens No. 3

Cranes & Queens Process No. 3

Final Illustration

Cranes & Queens No. 3

Process of Cranes & Queens No. 4

Cranes & Queens Process No. 4

Final Illustration

Cranes & Queens No. 4

Process of Cranes & Queens No. 5

Cranes & Queens Process No. 5

Final Illustration

Cranes & Queens No. 5

I would love to hear your feedback on the set!

If you’re interested in starting a similar digital illustration project, please feel free to connect with me.