Bread & Butter Brand Digital Illustrations


This set of digital illustrations was created for Bread & Butter Research & Strategy’s new website. The team wanted to visually showcase how their process, from consumer thoughts to client opportunity, works.

What matters to people: The journey starts with the different influences that affect consumers decisions & thoughts, shown as multi-coloured clouds swirling around a woman’s head…

What does this mean: B+B takes those different influences and explores what the implications mean to the client. The thoughts are funnelled into the tip of the pencil to get to the “point” of the research/data.

What do we do about it: From there, the findings are channeled through the tree trunk to create opportunities, which present as a multi-coloured abundance of tree branches and leaves. This visually displays how the client may transform and grow their business and opportunities.

This project was primarily created for web use, but expanding the use of the visuals across the rest of the brand’s collateral may be explored in the future. My role as digital illustrator was to create visual concepts from the client brief and take them through to completion, which included working closely with the web developer during production for best web results.