Colleen is back from maternity leave (with limited hours)

Alexander & Co.

Chartered Accountants & Business Consultants
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Alexander & Co. focuses on bringing freedom and simplicity to your business. We wanted to bring a fresh, modern and clean look to both the brand and single-page website to communicate their values and mission.

The X and + in the brand logo make a minimal reference the basic math characters of +-/X (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication), with bright green and orange to disrupt the standard accounting colour palette. The website portrays small business owners enjoying their work and reaching their goals, and communicates what the company provides without filler or extras.

I’ve worked with Victor in the past for another company and enjoyed working with him again to bring his new company to life!

Colleen has been absolutely amazing at navigating the maze of websites and back end systems when I was first looking to setup my online presence.

Knowing that I needed a website, but not knowing the detail behind the scene, Colleen was able to give me the clarity of best structure, set up milestones to ensure smooth progress, ensuring clear communication through the process and ultimately delivering the expectations on time and on budget. Beyond the setup, having my websites hosted with Colleen is amazing as she keeps me informed of any updates needed, any issues I need to be aware of so that my website down time is non existent.

For me, when websites are considered, there is only one person to go to - Colleen!

Custom WordPress Website

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