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New Projects and More

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Hey there,

I wanted to drop in and let you all know about the new projects I’ve been adding to my Portfolio. I’m working with a lot of fun clients and collaborative partners at the moment, and can’t wait to share what we’re creating with you!


You might have seen that I posted a new branding project with Passionately Keren, an up-and-coming Australian vegan blogger. Keren is a creative beacon of healthy information, tips and recipes, and of course, she’s very passionate about her work. Be sure to check out her instagram, youtube and blog!

I’ve also been hard at work on some new digital art pieces! It’s been awhile since my Kinetica show, but I’ve been secretly working on a bunch of new pieces with some amazingly talented collaborative partners!


Aries Moon

Aries Moon

In late 2015, I did two shoots with the very gifted and supportive Gary Compton in his Sydney studio. The first was with Megan McMahon, a talented performer and pole dancer who displays amazing athleticism for the dance and fitness inspired photoshoot.

Rising Padmasana

Rising Padmasana

The second shoot was with Marcus Julian Felicetti, the Founder and Head Teacher for Bodhi Yoga Programs, and a very accomplished yogi from his near 2 decades of practice.

As always, there isn’t a whole lot of advance planning that goes into the artwork (you know me…). I like to see what the models and photographer can come up with, working to their strengths. From there I choose the most engaging and beautiful shots, the ones that speak to me and make me look a bit longer than I normally would. I stare at the photos for a bit, and eventually some ideas come for the artwork behind, around and on top of the models. There will be a few more in the series with these two inspiring models, so you’ll be seeing more of them soon!

I’ll be posting a lot more content (with a few freebie packages) and updated projects through November, so check back for more. If you want to keep up to date, sign up at the right there ->

Talk soon!


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