My Radio Debut

My Radio Debut

As per my previous post, I had my radio debut on Bondi Radio yesterday with #latebreakfastwithbelle. It was an absolute blast! My good friend Beau Dunn was cohosting with Belle, and he’s always a good time! From 11am to 11:30am, Belle asked me questions between songs and we discussed my Kinetica show, my influences and inspiration, how I got to where I am, what the “world” can expect next and my advice for any other creative people wanting to break into the biz. I was told that I was a natural and didn’t sound rehearsed or fake at all (which I shouldn’t have because I didn’t actually rehearse haha)! I find I’m pretty good at public speaking from my 4+ years of teaching group fitness. When you shout orders over music in a large gymnasium or park to dozens of people as your side job, you kind of lose that “stage fright” thing. And that quiet voice thing. Definitely good practice for all the talks and radio appearances I’ve been doing lately 😉

Being a spaz as I often do, I told my family in Canada the wrong time to listen online (time zones continue to confuse me), so most of them missed it…oops. ANYWAYS, it’s all good because Belle has promised she will send me a podcast of the show for everyone. I’ll post it here when that’s available (as I’m sure most of YOU missed it as well).

A few shots from the hilarity are below…can’t wait to be on again! Fingers crossed!

Thank you again to Belle, Beau and Bondi Radio for having me! Was a wonderful treat on a Saturday morning, and I’d be pretty happy if just ONE new person checked out my website from the show 😀 Fingers crossed!

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