• Giving Back

    I've pledged 1% to show my commitment to giving back to my community and the world around me. Small actions can create huge impact.

Any company can Pledge 1%. It’s actually¬†pretty easy. If you think about it, you’re probably already giving back in numerous ways. Pledging is about taking it that extra step further to get to 1% and beyond.


By officially committing to making a difference to those who need it or the world around us, we can become an inspiration to others and a model for economic and social change.


Imagine…if every company gave back 1% in time, equity, profit or product…the world would undergo an incredible shift towards cooperative communities, positive leadership and a boost in the collective consciousness.


If you’re interested to read more about the pledge or how you can be involved, visit the website here.

How i'm getting to 1%


With Time + Product:

Every year I’m going to select some design or WordPress projects to work on pro-bono. They may be for non-profit organizations, charities or another cause that’s close to my heart. Helping an honourable campaign, issue or cause to gain awareness through the power of design and marketing is something that is within my strengths and power to provide, and can make a big difference to the end result.


Here are the projects that I chose for 2018.

With Profit:

Starting in 2019, my business will be making a regular monthly donation to Oceanwise, an organization from my hometown of Vancouver, BC. Their efforts to protect marine life, clean up our oceans and beaches, educate others on conservation and research how to minimize our impact on the environment are renowned and admirable. We depend on our oceans more than we could ever know, so I believe that every bit of effort makes a difference in keeping them clean and thriving.


I’ve also pledged to #BePlasticWise and you should too!

be the change you want to see in the world

small commitments today can create huge impact tomorrow


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