My Favourites

for apps, tools and software

There’s just so many tools out there,
it’s hard to choose the right one sometimes!

To save you some time, I’ve compiled a quick list the apps I use and how I use them. I’ve usually tried other options, so this is the best of the best!



Xero Accounting Software

For Accounting

I tried Wave, Quickbooks and Freshbooks before Xero. It offers multiple currencies and is easy to use, plus you can often get 6 months at 50%. If you don’t need multiple currencies, Freshbooks was great and fun to use.


For File Sharing

So easy to use and store files on. I use Dropbox Pro daily to send all my client files and I haven’t even made a dent in the storage allowance. You can share, invite people to control folders, comment on files, tag people, and download.


For Project Management

Great for project management and scheduling. You can invite people to your team or just specific projects, and it sends you notifications of deadlines. Easy to use and customize.

For Websites/Blogs

Most versatile, widely used and supported website builder available. There’s endless theme, plugin and upgrade options. Use .org for self-hosted, and .com for a free site.

For Marketing

A great tool for business owners to connect with their market, share and promote their offerings, and collaborate with other businesses and clients.

TypeformFor Surveys

Easy to use platform for creating surveys and forms. You can share your form anywhere, track it’s reach and results, and customize many options with free version.


For Connections

A no-brainer for business owners, LinkedIn is like the Facebook for Business. Share your information, connect with B2B and clients, keep up to date and advertise as well.

Docusign For E-signatures

Secure and reliable
e-signature service. If your clients, contractors or suppliers aren’t local, getting electronic signatures can be important for agreements.



Adobe Creative Suite

For Design Tools

I use Adobe Creative Suite daily for the majority of my design work. They have a huge range of applications to create anything you can imagine.


For Email Marketing

Very easy to use, versatile and incredibly powerful in terms of controlling your lists. Less basic visual customization, but more user friendly and the support is amazing.


For Booking Meetings

A really simple booking platform with a free version that let’s you share your booking link to schedule people in with you, and it integrates with all major calendar apps.


For Time Tracking

I tried many options out and Toggl is by far the easiest to use and has the most features, even on the free version. It sends you updates, is available on all your devices, and reminds you to start/stop tracking, and you can edit old entries if needed.


(These tools are likely available for PC users as well)


For Music Everywhere

Music files are expensive, take up valuable space on your device(s) and can get old quickly. I use Spotify for whatever mood, song, artist or playlist I’m feeling like at the time, and use the Premium version to have music without wifi.

Office 365

For Desktop Publishing

A no-brainer for most, but subscribing to the Office 365 option keeps all your apps up to date with the best tools and versions. Also contains a great number of applications to choose from.


For Security

The internet can be a scary place and simple downloads can carry viruses that infect your laptop. I keep my devices and browsers protected with Bitdefender, which continually scans for issues, with no interruption to my work.

SMC Fan Control

For Laptop Cooling

If you have large files or a hot climate, extra fan support is essential. SMC Fan Control sits in my menu bar, reports the temperature of my laptop and lets me control the fan if needed. This can extend the life of your laptop! 



 For Fun & Daily Tasks

A Chrome browser extension, this is visible on empty tabs and reports the weather, time, date, offers timers, lists, site blockers, funny quotes and amazing images! So fun to have.



For Password Security

Along with device security, your passwords need to remain secure and strong. This stores your passwords  and enters them automatically when you go to sites or software on your devices, along with many other features.


For Money Transfers

So user friendly, efficient and cost effective. The rates are some of the best you’ll get, and transfers process within a couple days from bank to bank around the world. You can also request money and use it as a payment platform. 

 For Everything Else

What doesn’t Google do, really? I use Google Analytics, Docs, Presentations, Gmail, Calendar, Business services, and there’s even more available for you. It’s great for business and sharing files as well.