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Client Victory List 2018

  I have some pretty amazing clients (just saying). They work hard. They take risks. They have challenges and failures, just like everyone does. But no matter what comes their way, they keep going, they keep working, they keep pushing that needle forward. It’s this consistency and drive that brings them success, time and again. […]

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Best File Formats for Print and Web

  Being a business owner can be tough. If it wasn’t hard enough running the actual business, you also have to keep your brand sharp and consistent. There’s a lot of confusion regarding which file type to use for websites versus business cards versus letterheads and so on. Why are they different? Which one is […]

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What Makes a World Famous Logo?

Everyone wants an amazing, world famous logo. A logo that people recognize, trust and associate with a credible brand. The logo is the spokesperson for a brand, and has more impact on a business than you’d expect. First impressions are important, and with so many logos out there, it’s more important than ever that yours breaks […]

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A little bit about Me

When you’re a freelancer, you can often build up a personal relationship with your clients. I consider many of my clients to be good friends, and we’ve been through so much together over the years. If you’re considering or starting to work with me, you might find yourself wondering what my personal story is or what I […]

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The Best Self Summit 2016

Recently I spent several days listening to the Best Self Summit. The creators of wildly popular Best Self Journal hosted a live 3 day webinar where they interviewed 21 successful business owners, entrepreneurs and various experts on their day to day lives, tactics, success and failures, and ultimately their best advice on how to be the […]

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New Projects and More

Hey there, I wanted to drop in and let you all know about the new projects I’ve been adding to my Portfolio. I’m working with a lot of fun clients and collaborative partners at the moment, and can’t wait to share what we’re creating with you! You might have seen that I posted a new branding project with Passionately […]

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We’re live again!

First of all, Thank you for stopping by to view my refreshed and revitalized website! We all know it was a long time coming, but the best things are worth waiting for, patience is a virtue, better late than never, etc… I’m so happy and proud to finally unveil this to you all. This portfolio and […]

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