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The Best Self Summit 2016

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Recently I spent several days listening to the Best Self Summit. The creators of wildly popular Best Self Journal hosted a live 3 day webinar where they interviewed 21 successful business owners, entrepreneurs and various experts on their day to day lives, tactics, success and failures, and ultimately their best advice on how to be the best you and reach your goals. I listened to the replays off and on throughout the few days it was available for free, and got a lot of amazing ideas (and actions) that I’m already implementing!

I bought my first Self Journal last month. It felt like a good purchase to cap off this year that has been all about growing, shaping and changing my business (along with changes in my living/working situations and locations). I’ve often felt discouraged with all that I wish to accomplish, and know that I can, but struggling with how to get it all done. I figured the Self Journal was worth a shot, but full disclaimer…I haven’t started using it yet. I’m waiting for December 1st as I have some prep to do for it (plus I’m very attached to my current daytimer in a possibly unhealthy way…breaking the apron strings is hard, I tell ya). PLUS I am a full believer of starting things on the first of the month, Mondays, the next morning, etc. Feels more substantial somehow, to start at a “fresh” time. I’ll use it over 3 very busy months in my life and business, and really be able to test how effective it is. Will give my full review on the journal at the beginning of March!

If you weren’t able to tune in to the Summit, I’ve written some takeaways on the speakers from Day 1 and 2 that made an impact on me:

DAY 1:

Cathryn Lavery, Co-Founder of Best Self Co.

  • Create your office properly. Don’t have a window or door to your back, and make a feature wall behind your computer so when you have Skype meetings, your attendees have a nice view (not a generic un-interesting wall)
  • Have a standing desk and a wall calendar
  • It’s ok to give up on one career for another if it isn’t serving you or isn’t what you expected. Go with your gut and do what you enjoy and are good at
  • Have dreams and work towards them, one step at a time (tip: use the Best Self journal)


Allen Brouwer, Co-Founder of Best Self Co.

  • Break up your day between standing and sitting
  • Have a solid morning routine that benefits you, your health and your passions (and is off limits for work/calls/emails)
  • Schedule meetings or calls in batches on certain days, so they don’t break up every day. Or batch all of your work. So meetings don’t interfere with your deep work days, and you get more accomplished
  • Be really protective of your time
  • Share your ideas with others, you never know where it’ll lead (aka. Best Self co.)
  • Make friends and work with people who have skills that you don’t have


Andrew Warner, Mixergy

  • Find alternative places to work that support the work you need to do that day (like hotel lobbies, coffee shops etc)
  • It’s ok to have some unhealthy habits (like drinking lots of caffeinated soda) sometimes if it supports the current period of your life and is temporary (like having a new baby)
  • Be active. Andrew runs everywhere, for everything.
  • Be open and accept the things that you love and just do them


Maneesh Sethi, Pavlok

  • Lots of information about how to form habits or break them (tip: use a Pavlok to shock you)
  • Flawed ways of thinking about a product based business – if you’re have high sales, you might go bankrupt
  • Wearable technology is so new, you’ll be inventing a lot of it as you go along
  • Find new ways to solve problems that people are having


DAY 2:

Jenny Thompson, President at jEnerate Marketing

  • Work for companies as well as for yourself. Both careers teach you important things about life, work and yourself, and bring different opportunities
  • Be efficient and ruthless to get things done
  • Take on opportunities, even if you think they’re beyond your ability. You’ll make it work.


Rachel Kersten, Founder of Quantifying

  • Make your health a priority
  • Take risks as well as go with the flow of life, whatever feels right at the time – don’t plan too much
  • Make time for the things that you love, as well as time to push for your goals


Dr. Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor

  • The different types of peoples, their Chronotypes and how they sleep
  • I took his The Power of When Quiz and I’m a Bear! That means I follow society’s general rhythm of when to wake and sleep. I’m also a team player, have good people skills, don’t do drama or confrontation, average weight, always hungry (true) and like to be around other people.Dr. Breus Definition: Real bears are go-with-the-flow ramblers, good sleepers, and anytime hunters. This name fits fun-loving, outgoing people who prefer a solar-based schedule and have a high sleep drive.This was just a snippet of the Bear definition, and there’s two other Chronotypes called Wolf and Dolphin. I highly recommend you take the quiz, you’d be surprised how accurate it is! Dr. Breus even went through each of their daily routines and when is best time to eat, work and even have sex.


Charlie Hoehn, Best-Selling Author of “Play it Away” and Marketing Strategist

  • How to get jobs from people you want to work with (even when they’re not advertising for jobs) – knock their socks off
  • The power of networking – Know people, talk to people, don’t consider their monetary value as friends; they may help you in other ways
  • Evaluate the benefits and how much work is involved, and how to make decisions on if it’s worth it
  • The dangers of burn out
  • Putting play back into your life, work and daily routine, and how you’re more productive at work with play in your life


Ari Meisel, Author “Less Doing“, Outsourcing Master

  • Do what works for you, not what books or others tell you you should do. Work how you work best, figure that out for yourself.
  • Have daily deadlines, so you’re always on task
  • Outsource the work you don’t need to be doing, so you can do what you do best


The Summit was amazing and I’m glad I was able to listen in to some amazing speakers. There seems to have been an issue with Best Self in allowing the Summit videos to be available free for 3 days following their live dates, as they advertised on their website it would be. So unfortunately, despite my (and other listeners) efforts to connect with Best Self about the issue, I was unable to listen to Day 3. Nevertheless, Day 1 and 2 were great; I’m really happy I took the time to listen and take notes and appreciate that these videos were available to me!

If you’re interested in listening to the Summit, you’re able to purchase an all-access pass on the site.

My main takeaways…

Focus hard on your work but make balance with life and health a priority, outsource what you don’t need to be doing yourself, find methods to solve problems you’re having instead of continuing to struggle with them, and above all…DO WHAT YOU LOVE!! Find your passion, work hard at it, and find ways to share it with others that benefit you as well as them.

Until next time,


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